About Us

Lasting success: that’s what we care about at Laurence Simons. 

Our purpose is to help
We are specialist legal and compliance search firm. We help candidates make better career choices, and we help clients place their legal, legal operations and compliance leaders to build out higher performing teams.  Simply put we match candidates to our clients by considering the needs of both sides and finding a win-win outcome for both. Lasting success for both. 

However, it isn’t usually quite that simple. 
Careers can be complex and fluid; they can change and evolve.  Equally, the needs of business change and evolve as companies navigate the increased complexities of growth and the management of change.  The skill-set required to support those changes may require outside talent. Which is where we come in. 

Our business is people.  People like you.  Companies like yours.   
​What we know is that each person is different.  Each company is different. With different values, drivers, preferences and behaviours matching people to their best role takes effort and skill.  We know how difficult it is to fit the puzzle together.   We do this by using our in-depth knowledge, insight and experience coupled with proven methodologies built, refined and honed over 30 years to allow us to offer both client and candidate a positive experience.  We know how to fit candidates to clients and clients to candidates. To create lasting success for all.​