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A Feast for women in the East

Posted by: Laurence Simons 23/05/12
Good news for producers of sassy trouser suits in Mumbai and Delhi this month, as Amarchand Mangaldas announced a round of 13 internal promotions, 70 per cent of whom were women.

According to Delhi managing partner Shardul Shroff, the latest round of internal promotions, which started with interviews in February, is part of a comprehensively revamped strategy creatively code-named 'Amarchand Version 3.0'.

"All the candidates have been selected after several rigorous rounds of evaluation by the managing partners and the firm's management committee," said Mr Shroff. "The move also reflects the 'two wheels of the bicycle' concept through promotion of both family and non-family talent."

Bicycle analogies aside, it is refreshing to see a big firm being so transparent about their promotional strategy. With three of the Mumbai partners being 2005 campus recruits, there's a clearly defined career path for high-flying graduates, while the two-pronged onus on promoting family and non-family members alike is a hot button topic in legal recruitment. We await Amarchand Version 4.0 with anticipation.

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