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Achievement in Law - Ben Cooper

Posted by: Laurence Simons 01/06/16
All too often there is too much focus on legal professionals who find themselves in trouble with the law and not enough said about the more admirable members of the profession. Ben Cooper, of Doughty Street Chambers, who could be considered to fall into the latter group, ensured that Michael Halliday, a gay man accused of theft, was not extradited to the United Arab Emirates.

Thanks to Cooper, Halliday no longer faces extradition to Dubai, where homosexuality is illegal and strongly condemned. Cooper provided compelling evidence to suggest that was a real risk Mr Halliday would be tortured and would be unlikely to receive a fair trial on allegations against him, which he strongly denied.

In a firmly worded ruling District Judge Coleman said that the United Arab Emirates had failed to provide the court with sufficient assurances that Michael Halliday’s human rights would be upheld. Judge Coleman ruled that “the trial, treatment and conditions of those accused or convicted of criminal offences in the UAE is still the subject of complaint and is often alleged to fall well below the required standards.”

The outcome of the unprecedented trial will be significant for future rulings as Mr Halliday was discharged on Article 6 grounds, an unusual occurrence in the context of extradition cases and means that the Judge believed Mr Halliday to be at risk of receiving a flagrantly unfair trial.

The work of Halliday’s defence team Ben Cooper and Jonathan Black of BSB Solicitors, ensured he was not subjected to an unfair trial, and what would have almost certainly been a lengthy and harsh prison sentence.
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