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Addleshaw Goddard rolls out new pricing model

Posted by: Laurence Simons 21/06/13

London-based law firm Addleshaw Goddard has rolled out an innovative new legal process-mapping initiative across more than 40 of its primary transactions in a bid to address criticism of the pricing model of many UK legal organisations and improve efficiency.

I appreciate that jumping right in there with 'process-mapping initiative' and 'primary transactions' could be taxing your interest a little bit, but this isn't the Daily Mail - stick with it, we're getting to the good stuff.

Addleshaws claims its new delivery system is an industry first, reports the Lawyer magazine.

"The starting point was that the legal market is broken, clients aren't happy and haven’t been for years and they want greater certainty and innovation around pricing," said partner Andrew Chamberlain, who recently switched from being employment head to then newly-created role of head of client delivery.

It is undeniably true that recent reports, drawing on the experience of consumers and businesses, have criticised the current fee model for a lack of transparency - something that stands out particularly baldly in the current economic climate.

"The economic crash was the final piece of the jigsaw to make a perfect storm," said Mr Chamberlain, who also has an unofficial post at Addleshaws as the chief mixer of metaphors.

He explained that the firm has examined 46 legal processes with the aim of providing better clarity around its pricing model, something that would no doubt be welcomed by clients keen to know where their money is going.

If Addleshaws can find a snappier way to explain their new concept, they could well be on to something that could be of interest to the industry at large.

With offices located in London, Leeds, Manchester, Doha, Dubai, Muscat, Singapore and Tokyo, the firm is one of the top 20 in the UK, meaning this new system could potentially make their rivals stand up and take notice.