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Advice on how lawyers can proactively manage their time on social media

Posted by: Laurence Simons 31/10/16

Creating, and more importantly, maintaining a profile on social media is key for both high profile lawyers and newly qualified professionals. However it’s crucial that time spent on social media is managed proactively and with specific targets in mind to ensure that the time investment is worthwhile.

You should establish which platforms are worth creating profiles on and then try to make it a daily habit to post relevant and targeted updates, and interact with other users across their chosen platforms. If you are working with your own website content, it’s important to include links with a call to action that direct readers to a landing page which can be tracked later to see how many people visited from specific social platforms, and therefore assess the impact of your time. In our experience, LinkedIn is the best platform for legal professionals, though some might also consider Twitter which offers a quick method to update yourself on areas of the market of specific interest to you.

You should also consider using a social media management tool to streamline the process. Platforms such as Hootsuite can negate the need to log in to various different sites to post updates, and save considerable amounts of time. It can also help to complete ‘batches’ of tasks, so reply to a set of messages all at once, rather than one at a time throughout the day and try to schedule most of you updates for the week in one half an hour task, supplementing these updates with addition relevant updates when required. Using hootsuite, however, won't be necessary if you are just setting up and getting started on social media. 

Once you are actively following companies that interest you, as well as posting your own content, then you might consider how to best engage your customers. This requires time and effort, since you need to also actively engage with others' content. The rewards for doing this, however, can be great. This is especially true for small businesses looking to get their name out there and to encourage people to engage with their brand.

Consumers’ purchasing decisions are becoming ever more reliant on the strength of company’s presence on social media, and legal purchases are no exception, so it’s crucial that both law firms and legal professionals commit the time to developing an engaging and professional online profile. 

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