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Barristers struggling in Ireland

Posted by: Laurence Simons 26/03/13

A new report from the Irish Independent has revealed that many barristers are leaving the profession. The newspaper found that 180 barristers left the Law Library last year, many of them struggling to make ends meet in Ireland's parlous economic climate.

Senior counsel David Nolan, chairman of the Bar Council - the representative body for barristers - said the insecurity of life as a barrister meant the profession was not as attractive as it once was.

"Increasingly barristers are looking for more full-time employment as well as more secure, pensionable employment," he added.

These lawyers could be looking to business and in-house positions when making their move.  According to Laurence Simons' latest salary survey, there are an increasing number of these kinds of opportunities in Ireland - the boom years of the Celtic Tiger saw financial and IT organisations make major inroads into its market.

Some 46 per cent of in-house legal departments experienced growth over the course of 2012, with 24 per cent of those working in this area having migrated from private practice at some point during the year.

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