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Can Marvel’s Daredevil help save the reputation of the legal profession?

Posted by: Laurence Simons 09/05/16
Daredevil – lawyer by day, superhero by night and now the titular character in his very own Netflix show. The critically acclaimed series has returned for a second season, and while its eponymous hero might be busy fighting criminals in the Marvel universe, the question is - can he help battle the ailing reputation of lawyers in the real world? 

The Veracity Index, a recent report from specialist research company Ipsos MORI, indicated that only 51% of the general public trust lawyers to tell the truth. A figure that lags well behind both that of a judge, and a random member of the public on the street, who scored 80% and 68% respectively. 

The media has seemingly echoed the public perception of lawyers in recent years, providing us with portrayals of exceedingly corrupt lawyers that we can all love to hate. Take the unscrupulous Maurice Levy from the critically acclaimed ‘The Wire’ as one as one example - a defence attorney who specialises in finding legal loopholes to vindicate his drug dealing clients - who has been hailed as perhaps the most odious lawyer to ever grace our TVs . Alternatively there’s Harvey Dent, New York District Attorney turned disfigured villain, who goes from fighting for justice to embarking on a homicidal crime spree. Or even John Milton in The Devil’s Advocate who is, quite literally, Satan. The list goes on. And on. And on. 

Combatting an overwhelming lack of trust and negative media portrayals may be an upward battle for this lone Netflix superhero, but as the only lawyer turned vigilante currently featured on our screens it looks as though the mantle falls upon him and him alone. While he may not be able to completely save the reputation of legal professionals, a positive portrayal of a lawyer in popular media certainly can’t harm it any further. 
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