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Guidance on climbing the GC career ladder

Posted by: Laurence Simons 01/08/16
Unlike the career progression for professionals in private practice, which entails a stepping up a series of clearly defined ‘rungs’ to the top of the proverbial ladder, the path for in-house lawyers can sometimes be less about direct steps upwards and involve more lateral steps at irregular intervals.

Many General Counsels and Associate Counsels will have made conscious decisions to establish a career in-house, with a large number of the former being lured away from Magic Circle firms by the prospect of much more amenable hours and comparable pay, and the latter may either have made the transition from private practice, or set out with the intention of working within a specific industry. This consequently results in the relatively low turnover rate in-house in contrast to private practice, which sees comparably higher levels of attrition.

These low turnover rates, in conjunction with the more complex career structure, are increasing the need for initiatives such as Mosaic, a mentoring scheme which focuses on cross company pairings. The aim of the scheme is to provide in-house lawyers, many of whom do not have clear career paths and are likely to stay in their current positions for a number of years, with the skills required to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The one-on-one partnerships that Mosaic facilitate are seen as central to their main aim, however all mentees and mentors are invited to quarterly meetings to share ideas across a wider platform. Each themed event focuses on a different topic, which in house professionals may not usually have time to focus on, such as personal branding. The programme aims to ‘catch’ professionals at earlier stages in their careers and provide them with the necessary skills to carve out a successful career in the profession.
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