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In-house becoming a popular move?

Posted by: Laurence Simons 25/04/13

There have always been benefits to moving in-house, as well as good reasons to work in private practice - however, it appears that a growing number of lawyers are looking to move to internal service provision as a career move, with a number of different factors cited as potential motivators.

Research by professional services firm Towers Watson indicated recently that the pay gap between the sectors is closing, with bonuses and benefit packages making in-house better remunerated, reports the Lawyer.

Naturally, this is a major consideration for the majority of lawyers, who need plenty of cash to keep buying avocado skincare products and plush leather furniture. Others have suggested that in-house offers a better work-life balance than the notoriously demanding world of private practice, with top firms encouraging their employees to take on as much as possible.

This thesis could be supported by a recent study from LawCare indicating that the majority of legal workers are more stressed than they were five years ago, with two-thirds of respondents also unwilling to discuss these concerns with their employer.

But in-house should not be seen as an easy get-out allowing lawyers to spend their days throwing rolled up balls of paper into the bin and leave controversial political comments on the Daily Mail website, according to experts on the sector.

"The tip towards in-house is that you understand your client better, become part of the business and your workload can be much more flexible," said Brian Chadwick, who should know - he spent more than a decade in the City before joining Miniclip as General Counsel.