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In-house counsel increasingly engaged with social media

Posted by: Laurence Simons 24/04/13

Social media is increasingly becoming a redundant term, given that we now spend around 70 per cent of our lives immersed in it, tweeting about our cups of coffee and taking pictures of bus-drivers while buying a ticket. Furthermore, it appears to be entering our professional lives to an unprecedented degree, with a recent report revealing that in-house lawyers are more engaged with the platform than ever.

A study released by Greentarget, Zeughauser Group and Inside Counsel found that more than 67 per cent of in-house counsel reported having used LinkedIn either during the past 24 hours or past week.

Of course, LinkedIn is the acceptable face of business social media use, sipping a vodka Martini at the bar while Facebook stands outside smoking a rollie and trying to chat up its unimpressed co-worker.

Nevertheless, other aspects of social media are apparently useful to general counsel - 69 per cent using it during the past day or week for personal reasons (that is, looking up the name of the first footballer to score a hat-trick of own goals) and 49 per cent for professional reasons.

The study also confirmed that blogging continues to be a sound strategy for attracting the attention of in-house lawyers - 55 per cent read blogs written by attorneys and 53 per cent envision a future in which a well-executed blog will influence hiring decisions.

Another interesting finding was that many lawyers consume this media on smartphones and tablets, indicating that the technological shift towards an 'always-on' mentality is making blogs, LinkedIn and other platforms more influential in the sector.

Some areas remain off-limits, though - 72 per cent of lawyers claimed to never use Twitter, despite being warned that they risk missing out on hundreds of dull arguments between minor celebrities and hilarious puns about footballers.