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Indiana couples sue weddings

Posted by: Laurence Simons 31/05/12

Those who believe marriage is a sacred rite between a man and a woman that lasts 72 days and nets Kim Kardashian $18 million have just had a month to forget over in America. While President Obama has pulled a U-turn on his same-sex marriage beliefs, the state of Indiana is being sued by a secular group who want to see marriages performed by non-religious groups to be recognised by state law.

"From a First Amendment perspective, it is proper and necessary for the state to allow religions to marry people according to their beliefs," said American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) spokesperson Ken Falk. "However, the state law becomes unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause when you say that religions are the only groups with rights to have their beliefs recognised in marriage ceremonies."

The Center for Inquiry, on whose behalf ACLU filed the suit, are a group who promotes science over religion – the sort who put 'Jedi' down when filling out their census form. They seek non-religious marriages to be given the same legal significance as those nuptials with the weight of a deity behind them – all in the same month as state referendums on same-sex marriage. Meanwhile, a successful suit could well herald an unprecedented era in 'divorce lawyers squabbling over replica light-sabers'.