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Is hyper-niche the way forward for law firms?

Posted by: Laurence Simons 18/05/16
US firm Cordell & Cordell may have only entered the UK market in May 2015 but it is already looking to expand regionally. The Saint Louis-based firm which employs over 200 lawyers in over 100 offices in the US, have carved themselves out an exceptionally niche client base - males looking for representation in divorce or custody settlements. Its London office is currently fronted by two solicitors, both male, although they are looking for a third, female, legal professional to join them.

The firm which has established itself as a 'a partner men can count on’ had to make strong assurances to the Solicitors Regulation Authority that they would make it clear on their website they do not discriminate against females. However US partner Barbara Johnson-Stern conceded that the UK office has only represented one female client since its launch, while the US offices have a 98% male client base.

The firm’s model has been highly successful in the US, where they have confidently asserted their claim on the market, and they have ambitious plans to expand across the UK. However by establishing such a niche client base, they stand to isolate half the population - potentially not the best plan if you want to seriously contend with London’s big players. Perhaps not a job for those looking to gain experience representing the diverse and vibrant client demographic the UK has to offer.
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