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It’s jobs for all thanks to the tech sector

Posted by: Laurence Simons 18/05/16
Increased investments into disruptive technologies, the rapid growth of both established businesses and start-ups, an uplift in high value M&A, and the rise of cyber security mean that the tech sector has provided law firms with a significant amount of work over the last year.

There has been a global resurgence of M&A in many sectors, and the tech sector in particular has seen a rise in both high profile and high value deals, largely as a result of new innovative technologies. According to data from the most recent survey from The Lawyer Market Intelligence the US continues to set the pace for high value M&A deals. The $67bn acquisition of computer storage seller EMC by Dell, began in 2015, and is set to be one of the largest tech M&A deals of all time when it is completed in 2016.

Concerns over cyber security show no signs of losing momentum and are likely to continue to drive up demand for legal professionals. Cyber security companies are looking to bolster their existing product platforms through joint ventures and M&A deals to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving field. As cyber-attacks continue to develop in complexity, law firms are likely to see an increasing number of cases resulting from data breaches.
The technology sector is one that is thriving across the globe, and as new disruptive technologies emerge legal professionals with experience in the tech arena are likely to find themselves in high demand.
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