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Lawyer faces jail after eating incriminating evidence

Posted by: Laurence Simons 19/05/16
A lawyer who ‘made a meal’ of evidence against his client now faces the prospect of waking up for breakfast in a Russian jail – for two years. The un-named lawyer cited only as ‘Citizen N’ was caught on camera going to extraordinary lengths to absolve his client by eating a document that proved he was guilty of drink-driving. 

The lawyer seized his opportunity while examining evidence against his client in a court in the Tuvan capital, Kyzyl. He removed the paper slip from its case file and put it in his briefcase while the judge’s secretary briefly left the room. Realising that this may not be sufficient to absolve his client from blame, he was then captured eating the piece of paper.

He then protested that the case could not continue because a crucial piece of evidence had suddenly ‘gone missing’. The court ruled, somewhat unsurprisingly, that his actions constituted an obstruction of justice. The lawyer in question may well have achieved what he set out to - it is now unclear as to whether the prosecution can go ahead without the necessary evidence - but it could come at a hefty price.

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