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Lawyer under fire

Posted by: Laurence Simons 20/06/12

Yoghurt is pretty hard to get mad at. However, apparently, it's possible: ask lawyer and culture-vulture Richard Katz, who failed to sue his former health club this month after a spat over the creamy macrobiotic treat got a little out of hand.

"What the [eff bomb] is going on?" Katz demanded, in an email to the Setai Wall Street Club and Spa following their rescinding of the muesli and yoghurt supplies he so relied on for his healthy morning breakfast. "How would you like to explain there has been no yogurt for two (2) weeks and now no cereal. When does the coffee run out?"

Despite the coffee not running out, Katz still filed suit.  So - how much does yoghurt cost? It costs, according to Richard Katz and his emotions, $100,000. The lawyer wanted $5,000 in yoghurt-related damages, and then a bumper payout after spa manager Amanda Wells 'libelled' him by CCing a reply to his email to colleagues, in which she suggested he had been harassing her for the year-long duration of his membership.

Wells attorney Ryan Karben (breakfast preference undisclosed) praised Judge Coin's decision to dismiss the case without written comment and fined Katz to the tune of $440 (or '1,247kg of yoghurt'), saying: "He should be ashamed of himself." Well, quite. What's wrong with toast?

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