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Lawyer under fire

Posted by: Laurence Simons 22/10/12

We've all been stabbed by a disgruntled client. Actually no, that's quite rare. That's not the traditional complaints path.

As the Korea Herald reports, a 50-year-old lawyer known only as Seo was attacked alongside his office manager at his premises in Gwanju - which fans of Korean geography will already know is about 330 km south of Seoul - by a 47-year-old knife-wielding former client named Cho.

Cho was what you might call 'a little unsatisfied' with his legal representation after being convicted on charges of blackmail and defamation back in 2007, hence the stabbing. Reports suggest he had already expressed his complaints to Seo and received a full reimbursement of his legal fees as a result, but chose to prove once and for all that he definitely wasn't a criminal by stabbing two people in the thigh.

While Seo and the office manager were treated for their non-life threatening thigh wounds and Cho was turning himself in to the local authorities, a Legal Ombudsman study was being released in the UK that found ten percent of disgruntled clients in Britain were too intimidated by the complex complaints system to actually lodge a grievance. Thigh wounds or silence? We know what we'd prefer.