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Lawyer Under Fire

Posted by: Laurence Simons 22/11/12

Happy November, everybody. Tom Corea of Palmer, Texas, drew so much rude graffiti on a building he went to jail.

To recap: Tom Corea moved to his 10,000-square foot legal practice in the Design District of Dallas a year ago, and immediately classed the place up with so much marble and mahogany. He also neglected to actually pay rent, and so was promptly evicted earlier this month. Corea didn't take to being evicted too well. In fact he broke into his former property, snapped all of the light fittings out of the ceiling, clubbed every surface with a hammer and drew crude drawings on every wall, as well as the name of the landlord, Doug Molney.

"[I found] complete destruction," Molney said in court this month. "Graffiti on every single wall throughout the building." Molney estimates the damages run to $100,000. While he was recounting all of this in court, Corea was asked politely to 'stop making faces at the witness'.  For some reason, this ploy to prove his innocence proved ineffective. He's in jail now on a $500,000 bond.