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Lawyer under fire

Posted by: Laurence Simons 20/12/12

It's Christmas party season, and if generic sitcoms and the banal routines of lazy stand-up comedians have taught us anything, these events are ripe for all manner of shenanigans as donnish mid-ranking executives work their way through half a bottle of Jameson and decide to tell their boss what they really think of them.

Although the reality of the festive work bash is probably more staid, one lawyer with DLA Piper decided to liven things up at the company's litigation and regulatory department drinks earlier in the month.

That does sound quite dull, so you can see where he was coming from, but probably where he went wrong was when - rather than, for instance, suggesting a nice game of pass the legal document - he took the bold decision to punch a colleague in the face, smashing his glasses. Well, someone had to get the party started!

The brawling lawyer has been suspended while an investigation into his behaviour is conducted, with judges expected to award him a narrow points victory.