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Lawyer under fire: Legacy lawyer waves goodbye to life of luxury

Posted by: Laurence Simons 18/05/16
Konstantinos Adamantopolous, a former partner at legacy firm Hammond Suddards has been banned from working in the UK legal sector after it emerged that he had been billing clients to fund a string of luxury getaways to Greece, Switzerland and the Dominican Republic.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority brought a case against the Greek qualified lawyer in 2013, alleging that in 2009 he improperly used €32,000 worth of funds from the practice’s Brussels account for a capital call made against a failed spin off firm, Hammonds Direct.

But the scrutiny over Mr Adamantopolous didn’t stop there. He was also found to have repeatedly billed clients to fund his luxury holiday habit. On one occasion he billed multiple clients a total of £5,500 to pay for a family trip to Greece. He also used one client’s money towards an ‘all-expenses paid’ jaunt to the Dominican Republic, and attempted to bill another an astounding £12,600 for a family ski trip to the Swiss resort of Zermatt.

It’s needless to say Mr Adamantopolous’ defence, which relied on the fact he ‘continued to work while on holiday’ failed to stand up in court.

He may have been banned from working in any body recognised by the SRA, but at least he’ll have plenty of time to take extravagant holidays. As long as he can find someone to pay for them.
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