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Metrics are meaningful

Posted by: Laurence Simons 09/04/14

Corporations love metrics. How many diverse candidates were presented for a specific role? How many were interviewed? Who was hired?

These metrics, when quantified across a large organization, help define the direction and effectiveness of an organization's commitment to diversity. Certainly, some law firms ask for voluntary disclosures from candidates for their positions. This, while satisfying some regulatory requirements, will also aid an organization in benchmarking how successful they are in attracting diverse candidates. However, once collected, what is being done with this information? 

Without careful evaluation of the recruitment efforts in the context of diversity candidates, there is an opportunity missed. Is there an individual in your organization who is accountable for reporting on the success of attracting diverse candidates? Is this person establishing metrics for hiring across each job opening and for every position?  Who is responsible for reporting to the organization what progress is being made in increasing the profile of the firm to diverse candidates when the firm is actively recruiting in the lateral market? 

At the end of a fiscal year, or at the conclusion of a successful lateral search, is anyone having the conversation about the metrics surrounding diversity? Your corporate clients are probably having these meetings. They are asking whether, in the context of any filled role, there were diverse candidates. If not, why not? When our corporate clients review their own metrics, they use them to help shape their continuing efforts, and we are seeing positive results.