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Microsoft claims compliance supremacy, is half right

Posted by: Laurence Simons 31/07/12

A databank in Dublin is the only hub of cloud storage in Europe that actually plays by the rules, reckons Microsoft. And the company has the endorsement of a hooting and hollering group of EU data protection officials to back up its claims, after the Article 29 working group made a statement along the lines of 'Microsoft are the only guys adopting cross-Atlantic data clauses' this month.

"In issuing this opinion, European regulators provided the strongest endorsement to date for the European model clauses," said Microsoft's legal chief, Brad Smith. Well, sort of. Google Apps reps made an announcement earlier in the year that they were working on getting the Google cloud services in line "soon" meaning Microsoft can't exactly rest on its laurels for long.

But despite Microsoft's premature tub-thumping, the company is right in highlighting it's so-far market-leading compliance as a key selling point for its cloud services, especially as such data storage is becoming big business. Don't think compliance is important? Please direct your attention toward Exhibit A, 'all of the banks, ever'. With HSBC compliance chief of ten years David Bagley having to resign in front of the Senate this week in the wake of the Libor inter-bank lending kerfuffle, playing by the rules is a pretty big deal in 2012.

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