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Networking: a reminder

Posted by: Laurence Simons 24/06/12

Since time immemorial, lawyers have networked. "Here, take my card," they will say, at the site of impromptu accidents, at weddings and funerals. And quite rightly: Networking is an important part of getting to the top, as well as an all-important get out plan if things 'go a bit Dewey'.

"I am happily ensconced here in my job, but I have never stopped networking," says David Mowry, in-house counsel for Xerox and guest Above the Law columnist. "Never miss an opportunity to make a connection, or to make a friend. I try very hard not to burn bridges, and I always examine job opportunities when they come to me. Look, things happen, things change, and things can go bad. If you haven't kept up your networking simply because the economy sucks and the job market stinks, you've been doing yourself a huge disservice."

If ever you needed a reminder to print up a fresh set of business cards and start pressing them into the hands of potential clients and employers, it's now. And if you're too pressed for time to hold a follow-up meeting? Well, now you're not: according to the Wall Street Journal, manicure meetings are the hot new thing. Professional New Yorkers are squeezing in an extra billable hour by holding work meetings over their mani-pedis in nail salons dotted around the city. Network and work it at the same time. Nice.

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