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Round up - GC event 11 November: whistleblowing

Posted by: Laurence Simons 13/11/15

This week we hosted, together with Radius Law, an event in the Hoxton Hotel in London to discuss how to establish an effective whistleblower line.

We were pleased to welcome General Counsels from a variety of sectors including: automotive, technology and heavy industry. Our special thanks to Wendy Addison of SpeakOut SpeakUp, who attended as a speaker and shared ideas and experiences.

Several themes emerged during the discussions. Three threads we found interesting were:

  • The challenge of nurturing a business culture where people aren't afraid to whistleblow
  • The issues surrounding anonymity and the retention of this for whistleblowers
  • An ethical perspective of the financial rewards paid out to whistleblowers.

To support and continue with the whistleblowing theme Laurence Simons has published an article on whistleblowing that we hope will be of interest to our readers.