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Sapple and Amsung

Posted by: Laurence Simons 28/08/12

Whatever happens in the future, whatever robots we invent and become terrifyingly enslaved by, whatever cool space minerals we are forced to mine out of asteroids at their iron behest, there is but one constant, one glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel: Apple and Samsung will be mad at each other over something.

The Register described the ongoing slugfest between Apple and Samsung as an "epic patent trial", and that's about right on the money. Since Apple tried to sue Samsung once they noticed that every handset Samsung released was suspiciously iPhone-y and Samsung counter-sued, the battle has dragged on for a very, very long time. Even the district judge has had about enough of the two firms bickering over this, that, and various others: Lucy Koh allowed each side just 25 hours to present their case, a step away from rolling her eyes and dramatically yawning whenever anyone spoke.

But it's not like Apple doesn't have form. Over the course of the trial, it transpired that the firm has paid out around $1.4 billion in patent royalties to more than 90 different companies. But then it did sell $12.23 billion worth of iPhones in the US alone since September 2010 - so swings, roundabouts.

It's expected the case will finally be settled between the two companies before it makes it in front of a jury but if you think it's the last time you'll see Apple pop up in court as part of a patent suit, you are pathologically mistaken.