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Saudi Arabian Lawyer named most influential woman of 2014

Posted by: Laurence Simons 29/12/14

Bayan Mahmoud Zahra, a Saudi Arabian lawyer has been named as the world’s most influential woman of 2014 by online news website Buzzfeed. 

Zahra opened the Kingdom’s first female law practice in 2014, which has proved to be a big success. Accordingly, she has been commended for breaching the social barrier.  She sought legal rights for her and her colleagues to work within the legal industry, which catapulted her fame to international heights and earned her this acclaimed title.  Zahra’s purpose was to defend the rights of underrepresented women in Saudi courts.

With a steely determination to create change, Zahra fought for local and international participation in resolving significant – and often complicated – women’s issues. She commented that “The courts and government departments have been dominated by men for such a long time that they have begun to believe that they are better at the job. The Kingdom’s constitution which is based on the Islamic Shariah states that all citizens are equal regardless of gender, colour and religion. More than the title, I’m happy to see my country developing and living in peace and harmony.” This could prove to be huge step for gender equality in the region and for women in legal industry.