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Posted by: Laurence Simons 22/11/12

Can we all just make it our New Year's resolution to not get sued because of our social media output in 2013, please?

It is boring now, we are bored. In the UK, a man has previously been arrested for tweeting a bomb threat to an airport, while another has been charged this month after setting fire to a paper poppy and putting the image on Facebook. This is madness, this is crazed. And now other countries have joined in on the act, with the news that a pair of women in India have been charged after posting a not-at-all-inflammatory message to Facebook. It's enough to make you miss MySpace. Nobody got arrested from MySpace.

The incident follows a two-day bandh held for Mumbai politician Bal Thackeray on Saturday, a move one unnamed 21-year-old criticised via Facebook. "Her comment said people like Thackeray are born and die daily and one should not observe a bandh for that," said police inspector Uttam Sonawane, in comments to the Mumbai Mirror. Nevertheless, both the women in question and a friend who 'liked' the comment were arrested on Sunday and booked under Section 295(a) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) as well as Section 64(a) of the Information Technology (IT) Act 2000. They were both released on bail the following day.

It doesn't especially look like this 'let's get hysterical over bad opinions expressed by idiots via Facebook' trend is going to go away any time soon, so those in private practice should probably start monitoring their clients' Twitter feeds from now on, just in case.