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The benefits of interim lawyers (part 2): the client’s perspective

Posted by: Laurence Simons 07/07/15

What’s your view on companies and law firms hiring an interim lawyer? Good or Bad? Over the last six months we have seen an increasing number of clients hire lawyers on a temporary basis. There are a number of reasons why a business would choose to hire an interim lawyer

From a budget perspective, hiring an interim lawyer may be the most cost-effective solution, rather than employing a full-time lawyer, outsourcing to a law firm or indeed paying for a secondee. There may be a surge in workload, maternity leaves, sickness periods or sabbaticals, which create the need for an interim lawyer.

It’s not just for financial reasons that a firm would hire a lawyer on an interim basis. Regulatory changes, mergers and acquisitions and litigious matters that affect a business’ operations may require a lawyer only for a certain period of time until such issues are resolved.

There is often an immediate need for legal professionals, particularly candidates with a specific language or jurisdictional skill-set, to assist on special projects such as due diligence and large disclosure exercises. In some scenarios, the client may require expertise in a particular product or practice area, and will hire a lawyer who has the requisite experience on a short-term basis.

In short, the flexibility from hiring an interim lawyer is one of the main reasons why more law firms and companies are choosing to do so.