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Top 10 most unique hobbies and interests

Posted by: Laurence Simons 10/01/14

Among legal recruiters, there is a constant debate over whether an attorney candidate should include a section at the bottom of his or her resume listing personal interests and hobbies. Often, the “personal interests” line can come across as generic.

Do we really need to know that a lawyer enjoys travel and fine dining?  We all like vacation and food, right?  Having said that, attorneys at law firms work long hours and it’s nice to see something that gives a more three dimensional picture of the person behind the resume. 

Love them or hate them, sometimes we are pleasantly surprised when we reach the interests and hobbies section of the resume, and we thought you’d enjoy some of our recent favorites (we swear, we did not make these up):

  1. “World Caber-Tossing Champion” (the Scottish Highland Games log throwing competition)
  2. Yodelling
  3. Successful mole hunter
  4. Fire eating
  5. Attending Star Trek conventions around the globe
  6. Finalist on “Dancing with the Stars”
  7. Alpaca breeding and llama trekking
  8. Dreaming about the fantasy world
  9. Ninja practice
  10. Not running