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Trump Global Report Card

Posted by: Laurence Simons 03/04/17

As President Trump nears 100 days in office, Laurence Simons examines the impact he’s had so far in the legal industry. We spoke to professionals in the UK, USA and South America asking how the legal profession reacted, if they are modifying their business to reflect the new administration and what Trump could be doing better. 

American General Counsel, Mark Pearson, says most of his colleagues expected Trump to pursue his declared aims on healthcare, tax, immigration, regulation and trade. Law firms are reacting to this by holding events and releasing content that discusses the possible effects of the new administration.

This is a soft response as it’s still early days but, lawyers are ready to change their practice. ‘As the Trump administration and the Republican Congress push their aims in other areas, lawyers will respond,’ stated Mark. 

One area that is already being affected is immigration. Mark told us his colleagues are developing strategies to assist undocumented workers and their families while watching developments within the immigration bureaucracy to better advise clients on timing and sensitivities.

While Trump is making leeway with immigration law, Mark highlighted that the Government might not always achieve its goals as seen with changes to Obamacare. 

What Mark would like to see is Trump respect the courts and provides sufficient resources to government agencies to get them working efficiently.

‘It does no one any good to cripple a regulatory agency through lack of funding. We need efficient, thoughtful government.’  

British General Counsel Scott Pearce, echoes Mark’s sentiments and he says he would like to see the Administration make balanced appointments to the US Supreme Court reflecting a diversity of views and approaches which in turn is reflected in its decisions and judgments.  

As for Scott’s colleagues, he said there were a range of sentiments from interesting, challenging, and a continuation of the geo-political changes that are happening across the World, to one of real surprise.  

Scott works in telecoms and says that many business are adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach and concentrating on ‘business as usual’ activities. 

‘We are monitoring closely any policy changes in terms of the applicability and operation of telecoms regulatory frameworks and in respect of peering and net neutrality issues.’

The world looks to America to help set legal precedent and Brazilian Legal Counsel Julia Taddei, is concerned by the appointment of Trump. She thought that during the entire presidential campaign, Trump voiced ideas that are not compliant with the rule of law and the due legal process.

‘His election was, in a certain light, a confirmation that the American people do not have issues with that. Considering that the US has long been a global reference when it comes to constitutional discussions, it is worrisome that the US president has such views.’

What worries Julia the most is example that Trump sets for other countries. She thinks it’s time to be more vigilant of countries', citizens' and businesses' guarantees because, if the world's leading economy has a president that believes that exceptions are acceptable, others may follow.

It’s interesting times ahead for everyone in the legal profession. How Trump deals with future legal challenges is of great interest and judging from the contributors to this article, his management of the Supreme Court will be a contentious issue. 

While we don’t have a crystal ball, we do a have a team of dedicated experts in America, Europe and the Middle East who follow every political development closely. They provide clear insight into their respective sector and can help with any hire or move.

To find your expert, head to our team page here. 

Laurence Simons would like to thank Mark, Scott and Julia who volunteered their time and expertise for this article. If you would like to contribute to the Laurence Simons blog or be involved with future pieces, please email 

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