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UK law firm plans entry into German market

Posted by: Laurence Simons 16/12/14

There is no doubt that law is far less a parochial and local business than it used to be. Whereas once each practice would deal with the law of the land, the reality of the modern world is that international laws and agreements form a growing part of workloads.

In Europe this has been increasingly the case as European law has become part of the equation, but the close links between the neighbouring countries across the continent have also led to more trade.

And while certain UK politicians want to cut some of these links, British law firm Bond Dickinson is keen on strengthening them, with its latest step in this direction being the formation of a strategic alliance with German outfit Redeker Sellner Dahs.

The idea is to enable both firms to seamlessly and jointly offer a service to all their clients in both Britain and Germany, ensuring the best possible quality for clients operating in both countries.

To this will be added knowledge sharing, innovation and training, the announcement noted - enabling both firms to enhance various aspects of their offering. This will involve measures like seconding lawyers to each other in exchange programmes that will enable British lawyers to understand German law better and vice versa.

Managing partner at Bond Dickinson Jonathan Blair said:  “The continued growth of the global trade activity has given legal providers an increased focus on international services including international transactions and cross border litigation.

"The synergies between our two multi-disciplinary law firms will ensure an exceptional client experience across both jurisdictions. At the same time, our international business development will be supported with joint initiatives targeted at specific sectors, including networking events and seminars."

Bond Dickinson was formed in 2013 by the merger of Bond Pearce and Dickinson Dees. It has two offices in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and also has a presence in London, the Tees Valley, Aberdeen, Bristol, Leeds, Plymouth and Southampton.