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Women lawyers 'vital to Indian future'

Posted by: Laurence Simons 26/03/13

The legal market in India is booming, with Western firms scampering around wildly in a bid to make their way into the market and various analysts suggesting that further liberalisation is likely in the coming years.

Indeed, a report from Laurence Simons found that the country has so far avoided falling into the doldrums that have characterised many other international legal markets recently.

This is especially true for in-house positions - the majority of businesses are keen to hire experienced staff to help with compliance issues, as they attempt to engage with global rivals and expand their operation without falling foul of the law.

But as some things change in the country, others have remained the same - and there is continued concern over a lack of representation for female lawyers in India.

Justice P Sathasivam, speaking at the Golden Jubilee of the Women Lawyers' Association, suggested that this needs to change as the country moves into the future and attempts to build up its burgeoning legal services market.

"There is an almost equivalent ratio of women and men in law schools and colleges, but when they move up in the ladder … the number of females in the profession drastically reduces," he added, reports the Hindu.

One potential benefit of the encroachment of international firms and companies on to India's legal territory is that these businesses may influence their counterparts towards putting more stringent equality measures in place - meaning that, for once, global law firms get to feel at least a little smug about how right-on they are.

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