Making a move with Laurence Simons

31 Aug 15:00 by Laurence Simons


Described as hives of activity by members of the life science industry, Cambridge, Surrey and Berkshire are buzzing with life sciences businesses. While England faces continual debate about Brexit and concerns around the economy, it hasn’t slowed down these centres for industry in the UK. 

Cambridge and surrounding region has been steadily marketing itself as the ideal location for life sciences with nearby world class educational facilities and excellent infrastructure.  The marketing effort has been rewarded with increased investment in the area. Surrey and Berkshire also have excellent transport links to London and room for large research teams.

For those that are considering an international relocation, Laurence Simons Life Science Consultant, Philip Redhead has advised multiple successful candidates who have made the move from Europe to the UK. 

Philip has put together some key points when considering an international move:

1) Salary - seems like an obvious point but it’s important that candidates understand their relevant market rate in different jurisdictions (specifically their market rate if they are a non-UK qualified lawyer) – our international salary guide can be a useful comparison tool.

2) Relocation assistance – what is a ‘normal’ amount to receive, how is it paid and for how long, should it cover your family? Don’t just look for financial assistance. Potential clients can advise or provide a range of relocation services including banking, removals and welcome services.

3) Taxes, healthcare, schools  –  Whether you are moving on your own or with a family, it’s important to think about the differences in the UK tax, healthcare and school systems. Small differences may be confusing or have unknown long-term consequences. 

4) Visa – Getting expert visa/immigration assistance will make your move easier. Enquire early about sponsorship and how easy it is to obtain. 

5) Community - Don’t forget, you will often be leaving your support network, community and friends. Think about how this will affect you and be realistic with your expectations. 

 6) Housing – This can be one of the most stressful aspects of moving. Finding an accommodating estate agent can save a lot of headache and a good one will provide expert local knowledge. Relocating candidates often find renting first to get an idea for an area before buying allows them to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing their home. 

Laurence Simons benefits from an international team and consultants that work collaboratively to support candidates when making international moves. Our team is able to meet you in your location and make sure you are supported during your move by introducing you to the relevant consultant where your new role will be based. 

If you would like to get in contact with Phil to discuss any of our recent roles or you are a life science business looking to recruit an international lawyer – you can view Phil’s contact details by clicking here.