Is there a best time to look for a new role?

04 Sep 15:00 by Clare Butler


With the Summer holidays behind us and the start of the academic year in many countries (and perhaps many parents heaving a sigh of relief to wave their little darlings off to school after the long vacation), September is traditionally a busy month in legal and compliance search as clients get back to work and focus on new hires.  

There is a desire to get people into their company before calendar year end and to be ready for the New Year.  Equally, candidates may return to work and think it is time for a change. 

We are currently busy across all the commerce and industry sectors from legal counsel to General Counsel roles in all our offices at Laurence Simons.  But, is there a “best time” to look for a new role? Or put another way, when can you best maximise your chances of securing your dream job?

 Here’s what we know for sure at Laurence Simons:

  1. Anytime is the best time to look -  Whilst there may be hiring spikes in a year, we placed very senior roles in August this year; 2018 so far is the year of Data Privacy.  The message is that if you actively manage your career and keep your network open, keep in touch with your Laurence Simons consultant and keep an open mind about possibilities then your dream job could be found in less than 12 weeks. 
  2. It is all about you - Yes, really.  It is ALL about YOU.  Experienced recruitment consultants are able to identify strong, capable, “good fit” candidates for roles.  However, it is only you that goes through the process.  It is only you that can show to the interviewers (there are always multiple interviews) that you have the emotional intelligence (EQ) and IQ to be the best cultural fit for their company.  It is only you that can decide whether what is on offer is what you really want to do.
  3. Be realistic – If your dream job says 15 years Post-Qualification Experience (PQE) preferred and you are a newly qualified lawyer, it is unlikely that you will be called for an interview if you are applying directly.  If you are applying via a recruitment consultant, it is unlikely that you will be called for interview.  If the role calls for multiple languages and experience of cross-border M&A deals and you speak English only and are an I.P. lawyer, it is unrealistic to think you have the required skill set and it is unlikely that you will be called for an interview. 
  4. Be curious – It is not necessarily the best qualified and best experienced who succeed.  What we see daily is those lawyers and compliance professional who are interested and curious – who have gone above and beyond the research when looking at the company website -  and who know themselves and are engaged, are likely to progress through initial stages and ultimately be successful.  
  5. Carpe Diem – There is never a perfect time for anything in life.  Life gets in the way.  All the time.  The best time to start the process of securing your dream role is today.  Right now.  Go on.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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