In a fast growing world of automation is Authentic Intelligence the new EQ?

08 Jun 15:00 by Samantha Knowles


I love my job. Sure, I love my husband, my children, our animals, our wider family and our friends more but I do love my job. My job is a large part of my life. I have been very fortunate in the professional life choices I have made, in the business relationships I have nurtured and in the strong bonds I have created with my work colleagues at Laurence Simons (www.laurenceimons.com) along with our wider legal and compliance community and to be honest, it all feels quite natural.

The conversations I have with our candidates and our clients are open and fluid ; easy, getting to know you conversations which I know is helped by my genuine interest in people, by their companies, by my being curious and interested enough to find out about what makes a person tick, getting under the skin of a company’s hiring needs, listening to a candidate’s professional motivations and career aspirations and genuinely wanting to help that person and company make the best career choice or legal hire. For me, it’s about being authentic and genuine and trying to draw out these qualities in somebody else so we can openly talk about the “why” and the “how” and ultimately match make exceptional candidate with exceptional next career move.

None of this would be possible in a vacuum though and thankfully at Laurence Simons we actively encourage and support authentic conversations, authentic working practices and only hire authentic people.

In the world of automation and AI, this has got me thinking… is AI (which I am now calling Authentic Intelligence) the new EQ? Would love to hear your thoughts on this and whether you love your job too.