Why LS loves LS...Laurence Simons and the Life Sciences Industry!

11 Jun 07:00 by Stephanie Greaves


At Laurence Simons, although most of us work across a number of sectors in commerce and industry, we have historically developed a special attachment to the life sciences industry.  Ahead of our annual Life Sciences Dinner in London this June, it seems a particularly apt time to reflect on the draw (and affection!) between LS & LS. Our exceptional track record in this field has enabled us to build longstanding relationships with many of the world’s leading life sciences lawyers over the last few decades. Today we are proud to say that internationally operating pharmaceutical and medical devices companies actively seek out our assistance as a go-to specialist search firm, able to assist them in shaping and building their legal and compliance teams internationally.

Recruitment in the life sciences is rewarding and challenging for many reasons.  When working on legal searches outside of the industry, many candidates express frustration through the lack of weight of the legal (or compliance function) within their organisation.  Our experience working for multinational life sciences groups is that their legal counsel and senior compliance staff are for the most part valued and heard, which makes it extremely rewarding recruiting on their behalf knowing candidates will be considered as crucial business partners.  The recruitment processes include valuable exchanges with candidates who are often passionate about what they do, enjoy navigating their way through a highly regulated industry and are conscious of the bigger picture and overall strategy of their employer. The fast-moving legal and regulatory landscape is also seen as a constant source of valuable professional challenges and opportunities to grow and learn as a professional, and many candidates are curious about what they can learn from the business. Furthermore, life sciences is also a field that seems to, at least more than most, boast a diverse workforce and champion women in top roles. 

One of the biggest challenges of entering such an exciting sector is the vicious circle of needing prior industry experience for almost all mid-level to senior roles. There are undoubtedly a couple of exceptions to the rule but generally making the move into the life sciences sector any time but early on in your career will be a real challenge, and specialisation during studies is strongly recommended. Some areas of expertise can be very niche, such as research and development, or IP litigation for example, and require a particularly thorough and proactive approach when conducting a search for our clients.  Thankfully as Laurence Simons works cross-border, we can source top talent from both the local and international markets to ensure the right fit, from a wider candidate pool, containing many individuals we know well and have enjoyed interacting with for many years.

Laurence Simons’ Life Sciences practice group looks forward to seeing LS & LS grow old together over time, as well as seeing many familiar faces during what has become our annual get-together this June.

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