Free Webinar: How to take care of the people you let go: COVID 19

03 Sep 21:00 by Angela Boffy


Laurence Simons Search and City CV have joined forces to present the next session in their highly-successful webinar series.

The free webinar, ‘How to take care of the people you let go: Covid-19’, will take place on Wednesday 16 September between 12.30pm – 1pm, and is jointly presented by Clare Beresford, CEO at Laurence Simons Search, and Victoria McLean, CEO at City CV.

The brutal impact of COVID-19 is that business leaders are facing the emotionally draining task of making valued employees redundant. The challenge is three-pronged. How can you do this in a way that helps the individual, looks after your current employees and protects your employer brand?

Clare Beresford, CEO at Laurence Simons Search, explains ‘An ineptly handled redundancy process creates an enormous amount of ill-will. Former and current employees are left feeling confused, hurt, fearful and angry, and will speak negatively about your company and damage your brand. A well-executed outplacement programme, however, will result in engaged, supported and empowered employees, who will be happy to work for you again should the opportunity arise. Handled with empathy and thought, the opportunity exists to not only reduce the stress around redundancy but to energise and support the people you retain’’.

This informative webinar will advise you on how to approach your own outplacement programme with vital tips on how to:

•         Build a resilient outplacement strategy – before you need to make redundancies

•         Protect your employer brand  

•         Support your entire workforce and improve mental health  

•         Beware the power of social media  

•         Take a bespoke approach

•         Value your alumni

•         Make sure you maintain team morale


To register for the free webinar please visit https://bit.ly/3gmpvXu.