Meet the Team at Laurence Simons Search - Nicolai von Steinaecker

02 Nov 16:00 by Laurence Simons Search


One of the greatest parts of being a specialist legal, compliance, IP and legal operations search firm, partnering with businesses across the world to find the best talent, is that we also have the best talent inhouse at Laurence Simons Search.  The Laurence Simons Search team interviews continue, this time we place Nicolai von Steinaecker, Director, in the spotlight, to celebrate the first year anniversary of our German office. 

Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

I grew up in a small town near Hamburg and, after completing my Civil Service, I studied Law at the University in Kiel as well as in Strasbourg, France where I worked at the European Parliament and, most importantly, met my wife.

After my first State exam we both moved to Frankfurt and I started my legal traineeship in Darmstadt, back to the roots – the city where I was born in 1973!  During my traineeship, I spent some time with a law-firm in Miami, US and worked for Commerzbank in the field of Asset Management.

When I wanted a change, I went to Michael Page as a candidate and they ‘’placed me internally’’.  I joined to establish their Legal practice, and since then, I have been one of the first consultants in Germany working in the field of Legal and Compliance.

I am the proud father of two teenage girls and our family has been completed by Enzo, a French hunting dog we adopted from an Italian shelter last summer.  

How long have you been working for Laurence Simons Search and what does your role involve?

I joined Laurence Simons Search in April last year. For the first six months I was solely working outside of Germany due to my non-compete.  I did a European tour, moving around our offices in London, Amsterdam and Paris, getting to know my new colleagues and at the same time, took care of some great international assignments in the Benelux or CEE countries.

In October last year, I opened the new Laurence Simons Search German office in Frankfurt, as German Director, focusing on Senior In-House placements. While, as a company, we are internationally very well known for the Life Science Industry, we also cover a broad range of sectors – ranging from Financial Services to Technology to Hidden-Champions within the Manufacturing Industry. Beside the standard Corporate/Commercial or Labour Law vacancies, we are also currently very busy in finding the right talent for legal IT related positions, especially Data Privacy. Compliance roles are also relevant as Regulations get stricter, for example I am certain that the new Association Sanctions Act will further recruitment in compliance across many industries. 

I am also a Qualified Lumina Spark practitioner, Lumina Spark is an innovative professional development tool which supports individuals, team and organisations to work better, to improve personal effectiveness and enhance performance.

I am always happy to talk to companies about their hiring requirements, please get in touch if I can help in any way. 

What book are you currently reading?

Well, I have two books on my bedside table. One is the first work of a German writer, Benjamin von Stuckrad-Barre which is called “Solo Album”. I am also reading through the books of Saša Stanišić, a German-Bosnian writer – currently “Herkunft”. I prefer books that have a strong autobiographical link as well as fictional crime stories.   

How do you relax?

I relax by doing things I love; cooking for family and friends whilst opening the first wine bottle; sleeping late; going with my friends to see Eintracht Frankfurt in our beautiful Stadium or scanning the forest ground for mushrooms in Finland or Taunus, the forest nearby. Which may lead to the first activity if I have been successful. Boletus in butter with muscat, accompanied by a Merlot Bianco from Ticino – superb, and actually tastes best when freshly picked!

If you had an extra hour in the day how would you spend it?

Reading the newspaper from front to back. After the gym, and before starting work, I often only make it through the local section of the Eintracht Frankfurt news.

If you had a superpower, what it be and why?

It would be great if I could “beam” myself, family and friends back and forth as my loved ones are spread around the world. From my hometown, over Finland or Switzerland down (under) to Australia. Not only due to Covid – it is sad how seldom I see people who are important to me.

Share with us your favourite inspirational quote…

Do not take yourself and life in general too seriously – it is not worth it! Despite football of course, which is a very serious topic. Nur die SGE!