In the spotlight – Anu Malhotra

25 Mar 07:00 by Angela Boffy


One of the greatest parts of being a specialist legal, compliance, IP and legal operations search firm, partnering with businesses across the world to find the best talent, is that we also have the best talent inhouse at Laurence Simons Search.  
The Laurence Simons Search team interviews continue, this time we place Anu Malhotra, Managing Researcher, and Head of our Business Support Team, in the spotlight, to discuss living in Dubai, her role at Laurence Simons Search, and her secret wish to have the same powers as the 1965 American hit TV programme, ‘’I Dream Of Jeannie’’. 


Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am huge foodie at heart, born and raised in India in Delhi in an orthodox Punjabi family. A lot of my life has been spent outside of India. I spent my schooling years in Dubai, then graduated in India, did my first job in Dubai, and then moved to UK after marrying a Manc (blue). I worked with the NHS in UK before moving to Dubai with my husband and daughter in 2010, it has been over decade now and Dubai is home where I live with my husband, daughter and Pebbles, our cat. 


How long have you been working for Laurence Simons Search and what does your role involve?  

I have been with Laurence Simons Search since 2016 and have really enjoyed my five years with the company.  I am a senior member of our research team and my role is to be partner with our consultants on our search assignments, and to be an ambassador for the company when dealing with candidates and clients. I am also the Head of our Business Support team and, in this role, I work with the support team to help them effectively assist and deliver on business needs. 


What do you love about working at Laurence Simons Search?  

I love the culture and our working environment. We are a close-knit team and work extremely collaboratively across all offices. I also love my international role, even though I am based in Dubai, I transact on roles all across the globe. I have worked in all sectors and I enjoy that very much.  


What was your very first job?  

My first job was a shopfloor assistant role with Giordano Fashions in Dubai. I used to love getting to wear new uniforms (clothes from Giordano) every month! 


What inspires you?  

My father inspires me each day and every day. He has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life, but he has dealt with it positively, and it is his positivity that I want to replicate in my life and also pass on to my daughter.  


Please can you share some great advice you have been given?  

Keep an open mind, that is the only way new things will get in. 


How do you relax?  

I relax by watching Netflix or a detective series (for example Death in Paradise). I like to watch comedy dramas to relax, they are light-hearted and let you forget the stresses of your day. My favourite is Modern Family, I have watched it 3 times already, and am currently working through it for the fourth time! 


What book are you currently reading? 

I am a massive fan of Jeffery Archer; I love his style of writing. I am also a huge fan of mystery books such as Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot. I am currently reading Hidden in Plain Sight by Jeffery Archer which is the second novel featuring Detective William Warwick. 


What would your autobiography be called? If we made your autobiography into a film, who would play you?  

I would call my autobiography, ‘’Based on a True Story’’. 

If it were a Hollywood movie then Jennifer Garner would have to play me. If it were made into a Bollywood film, I would choose Kajol. 


If you had an extra hour in the day how would you spend it? 

I would spend it with my daughter, I feel she is growing up too quickly and time is slipping away. She is now a pre-teen and so much into her own space. So whatever extra time I can get with her, I will always take it.  


If you had a superpower, what it be and why? 

When I was a child, I watched this series ‘I Dream of Jeannie’. I always wondered how much fun it would be to have Jeannie’s powers.  


Please share with us your favourite inspirational quote.  

‘’Those who don't believe in magic will never find it’’. Roald Dahl.