Four key points to working with a recruiter to land you the job you want.
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Four golden rules to successfully working with a recruiter

Posted by: Sarah Green 01/06/16

You are in the midst of applying for positions, and you are working with a recruiter. Although there is no sure-fire way of crossing the finishing line together, there are definitely some things you can do to improve your chances among the plethora of candidate competition you are up against.

So you are interested in a role which is both suitable and interesting for you. Now what?

1. Be transparent about your experience
Firstly, it helps to be as open as possible – We don’t need to know what you ate for dinner last night, or what colour of underwear you are wearing, but do try to be as open as possible about your background, experience, expertise, what you do day to day, what kind of contracts you work on, what kind of issues you face and what kind of team are you currently in. Do you want to manage in your next role? Or would you prefer focused autonomous work? The more information we have on this, the better we can represent you, and the more likely we will be able to match you to a position which suits your expertise.

2. Be specific about your aspirations

This is also something you should try to be as specific as possible about if you want to narrow down your search and start getting interviews. Do you want to work for a multinational, or would you prefer a start up? Do you thrive in corporate environments, or prefer a more laid back approach? Giving your recruiter/researcher a deeper understanding of this, all enables us to match you to something you will be interested in and suitable for. Also, make sure your motivation for new roles is clear – this is something that every client will drill down on, even when candidates are almost completely perfect for a role (if there is such a thing!) and their motivational story is not convincing, it can all end there.

You might think you’re open to everything, but with a little help you will find that deep down you’ve a clear focus.

3. Have a clear idea about the salary you are looking for
And now for the golden and sometimes controversial question – salary. This is certainly something that reveals cultural differences in international placements with regards how open some people are about discussing money compared to others. What I will say on the matter is how we can find a position for your needs, both professionally and also monetary, if we have no idea what kind of money you are looking for? Be open, do tell us what you are looking for, and this will make process which follows, a whole lot easier for both parties.

We will always try to get the best salary for you that we can. A recruiter will always aim to get you the market rate for your level of seniority, BUT it is of course totally acceptable to ask for an increase or uplift on what you are currently earning.

4. Keep your recruiter informed
So now, all the facts are known and you are in process for a position – what can you do to maximise your relationship with the recruiter/researcher? Which way, in turn can enhance your chances with the client?

Our best advice – keep your recruiter informed! The more information we have from you, the better we can inform the client and vice versa. Have a change in circumstances? Please do let us know.

How did you interview go? Again, please give us a call after and share your experience.

Once you find yourself in the interview process, it is more crucial than ever to maintain contact. This allows us to liaise with clients and keep all parties as up to date as possible and makes it all a lot less stressful on all sides.

With everyone up to date on the recruitment process, we can help secure you that job faster and more efficiently, so it’s a win-win on all sides.

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