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Woman in Law - Laurence Simons takes a closer look at Magic Circle firms

Posted by: Laurence Simons 22/03/12

By Anya Smith and Laura Seiler

Anya Smith covers Private Practice roles in the UK and the offshore market. Her Clients include US and UK firms within London across a range of specialisms, as well as the top offshore firms in the Caribbean and the Channel Islands.

Laura Seiler covers Private Practice roles across the UK and specialises in the Energy Sector. Her clients include Magic and Silver Circle firms alongside US and Boutique firms.

A recent survey (conducted by Laurence Simons international legal recruitment agency) analysed the gender of partners in Magic Circle firms. Females made up 16% of the Magic Circle partners in London despite more women entering the legal profession. The survey seemingly demonstrates a clear disparity between the career paths of male and female lawyers. There has been a lot of talk surrounding this subject in recent months, however it is and will remain a hotly debated topic. Does this mean that things are getting better or worse, or are we merely stagnating with regards to diversity, where people say a lot but do not necessarily do a lot?

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