Lumina Learning

Lumina Profiling

Using Lumina Learning to work better, together. 

  • Identify individual qualities and behaviours, harnessing these to ensure high-performing legal and compliance teams, using this next-generation psychometric.
  • Whether you are leading a new team, onboarding new team members, or assessing the effectiveness of your current team, we can help.
  • By knowing and putting your people first, you can turn organisational challenges into an empowering experience for all.   

The team at Laurence Simons Search are Lumina Learning practitioners, offering innovative, personalised development solutions for individuals, teams and organisations, inspiring leaders to proactively shape team culture, build strong workplace relationships, and nurture trust and collaboration. 

Using Lumina Learning can support your move into a new team.  It can help you onboard new employees by getting to know their strengths quicker and assess the effectiveness of your current team. By ensuring that your people come first, you can overcome organisational challenges.

Embracing 21st century philosophy, honouring inclusion, diversity, and removing bias, this next stage pyschometric tool reveals a whole personality, providing unique portraits of yourself, and your team.  

By highlighting strengths, and how to work effectively with others in the team and beyond, this increases self-awareness, revealing hidden potential, enabling the team to cope better under pressure and increase agility.  It also enables you to identify and develop a pipeline of transformational legal leaders.      

With easy-to-grasp language and impactful visuals, you can highlight the qualities and behaviours within your team, instantly, resulting in motivated people, working in high-performing, adaptable teams, generating better results.   

By understanding the group dynamics, you can dramatically improve productivity and personal effectiveness at all levels, facilitating more authentic connections, focussed drive, and a collaborative shared vision.  With greater team cohesion, conflict becomes an opportunity for a creative and constructive dialogue. As a result, teams become more accountable and supportive, valuing each other's differences, and creating success together.

You will also discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork, management, and leadership. 

High emotional intelligence is the bedrock of how we validate talent, helping you transform your organisation.   

We offer tailored solutions and options based on your specific requirements, organisation size and sector.

To find out more about how we can help you, your organisation or your career curation, please e-mail lumina@laurencesimons.com or request a copy of our brochure here